Community Groups

Community Groups are a great way to deepen our relationship with God while also connecting in meaningful relationships.

Semester 1
January 29 - April 2

Community Group Locations

What Are Community Groups?

Community Groups is our way of bringing both Small Groups and Life Groups under the same umbrella. While we don't want to limit ourselves to just one evening for discipleship, we will still make Wednesday our primary night for Community Groups. Our desire is for this new approach to open the door for creativity and flexibility as we work around the myths of people's lives.

Free Market Groups

Our new approach will open up the door for people to have groups based off of their gifts and interests. We will still offer Bible teaching, but we will allow God to creatively use how He's designed us for deeper relationships to take place. Groups can meet in homes, parks, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, ect… The when will be up to the Community Group Leader. Groups are not limited to just Wednesdays.

2023 Community Group Schedule

Our desire is to create a discipleship model which works around you. This means looking at the calendar and creating semesters where it's easy to join. Each semester will have a firm start and end date.

Semester 1 (10 weeks) January 29 - April 2

Semester 2 (7 weeks) April 30 - June 11

Semester 3 (7 weeks) August 6 - September 17

Semester 4 (10 weeks) October 8 - December 10

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to kids and youth on Wednesday?

Nothing will change. This is why Wednesday will always be our main night for Community Groups because we offer child care on Wednesdays. Both Bethel Kids and Bethel Youth will continue to function just like before.

What will happen between semesters?

We are going to approach these weeks with intentionality. Leaders will have opportunities to have meetings with their teams, Adopt-A-Block and other outreach initiatives will take place, prayer nights/walks and more. These breaks for adults can also lead to serving opportunities in our kids or youth ministers.

Are we taking a break in the summer?

Not at all. In fact, we want to create some family opportunities where we connect generations and focus on community as a whole. Sometimes it's difficult to find facilitators during this busy season and that's why we're approaching it differently.

Have more questions?

Email Pastor Aaron at: [email protected]