It's time you get
pampered for a

We want to honor the tireless work of moms who help their children with disabilities and the wives of husbands with disabilities. These women give so much to others, often neglecting their own needs. The Day of Pampering is a gift to them. A day, just for them!

Day of Pampering

February 29, 2020
8:45 - 4pm

What will this day look like for me?


Coffee, tea, and other great refreshments will be provided for you in the morning and throughout the day.


Our worship team will help provide a worshipful atmosphere for you to experience God in a fresh way.

Service Providers

Service providers from the community will volunteer their time and resources to style hair, give manicures, massages, and more!

Elegant Luncheon

A special lunch will be provided for you too! Just sit back and enjoy the day. 


Connect with other ladies that know what you're going through. Who knows, you might make a new best friend!

Just for you

This day is just for you! Our prayer is that you will feel refreshed mentally, physically and spiritually.

I want to attend the Day of Pampering!

Great! We would love to pamper YOU! Please fill out this form below to let us know that you're coming.