Last updated on May 24, 2020 at 10:00am

Bethel Assembly of God Church Family,

Dates to be aware of:

Run Through : May 31 - Live service with volunteers. Online for everyone else.
Phase 1: June 7
Phase 2: July 1
Phase 3: August 2

To consider before returning to Bethel

People who feel sick should stay at home, particularly:
  • If they have a fever.
  • If they have symptoms of cold, flu or Covid-19.
  • If they have been in contact with anyone who has Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
Guidelines for volunteers:
  • Ask all volunteers to model social distancing and follow hygiene guidelines.
  • Regularly disinfect all common and high use areas.

Phase 1

1. Communicate procedures, protocols, and phases in every way possible.
  • A-Frame signs
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Church App
  • Phone calls to elderly
  • Expectation video with some of the guidelines
  • Website
2.  Encourage all vulnerable individuals to continue to shelter in place.
3.  All kids, youth, and small groups will continue to meet online. First room in nursery will be open only for changing babies and nursing mothers.
4. Start Main Services only and apply social distancing protocols and sanitization measures.

    • Ask everyone to follow hygiene and social distancing protocols.
    • Masks are optional.
    • Staff, not volunteers, will be responsible to handle any concerns. We are providing a safe space while loving people. We are not going to be the police. If volunteers see or have a concern, they should contact a staff member.
    • Areas not used for main services:

      • Child care will not be offered.
      • We will not provide printed bulletins. They will be available online or through our church app. 
      • Drinking fountains are off limits.
      • Unused rooms and hallways will be closed to reduce the ability to congregate. We will lock unused rooms and block areas not in use.
    • Modified areas for main services:

      • Two main entrances will be used for entering and exiting sanctuary and overflow: Double doors at the ramp and the double doors underneath the overhang.
      • Gen Center doors will be used for the Gen Center service.
      • Seats in the sanctuary will be as normal, but we will encourage distancing.
      • A tithe envelop and pen will be in the seat backs. 3 pens per row. 4 envelopes per row.
      • Greeters will open interior and exterior doors as needed to apply a “Touch Free” system. We will not hug or shake hands. We will wave, smile, etc. 
      • Giving will be done through receiving receptacles in the back of the sanctuary to maintain a “Touch Free” system.
      • Sanitizing kiosks will be place throughout the facility and attendees will be encouraged to use them at their discretion.

Phase 2

1. Continue with the game-plan of Sunday morning services.
2. Reintroduction of midweek services.
  • Small Groups will begin back up
  • Kids will resume
  • Youth will resume
  • Nursery will need to be discussed. 
3. Both Kids and Youth will need to work on a plan on how they will both continue to provide excellence in ministry while also finding ways to emphasize the cleanliness in both the Gen Center and the Sanctuary.
4. Small Groups will cap each group at 20 people.
  • Each group will encourage some distance between each participant
  • Food should be reconsidered for the time being. If a group does desire to have food, have the leader or whoever brought the food prepackage items or plate the food for the participants.
5. Encourage members and guests to consider their health before arriving.

Phase 3

  1. Return to normality.
  2. Children’s services on Sunday will resume.
  3. Chairs will be placed back to normal.
  4. Continue to emphasize the cleanliness of door handles, tables, and any other location that is highly touched.
  5. Encourage members and guests to consider their health before arriving.

Common Questions

1. What will communion look like going forward? We’ve decided to purchase prepackaged communion elements that will be given out during moments where we participate in communion.
  • Follow up question: will we ever return to the way we took communion before? That is something we will discuss further down the road. This is a great option for the time being.

2. What does baptism look like now? This is something we’re still evaluating. At the moment, we don’t have anyone ready to be baptized. We do believe this is an important part of a believers life.

3. Will you be canceling summer activities? There are a few events that will be looked at and leaders of those ministries will make a decision on whether now is the best time to offer those activities. We are focused on providing a lot of what you have participated in before.

4. What does offering look like? I’m not sure I want to touch a plate being passed around. That is an understandable concern and because of that we will be placing bins in the back of the sanctuary to receive tithes and offering. We also want to encourage you to consider online giving! You can learn how to do this on our church app.

5. What are you doing now to sterilize and sanitize the church? We will be wiping down each room thoroughly. Both the children’s and nursery area will have their toys wiped down. We are looking for ways to spray our chairs and we will be sanitizing all door handles. We will also be placing hand sanitizer stations throughout our campus.

6. Are you going to continue offering children’s church? We are focused on 3 phases moving forward as a church. Phase 1 will not have children’s church. Families can return to service together and we will offer an online experience later on in the day. Phase 2 will reintroduce midweek services for children, but we will continue with the Phase 1 plan for Sunday mornings. Phase 3 will see a return of both Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.

  • Timeframe for each phase
    • Phase 1: June 7
    • Phase 2: July 1 
    • Phase 3: August 2
7. Are you going to continue hosting special events? This is similar to question 3. Each ministry will determine what is best for them. We would like to be as safe as possible while also returning to some form of normality.

8. Will you continue to offer virtual online services? Absolutely! This is nothing new for Bethel. Our media team has been providing a great online experience for the past few years.

9. Will we still be allowed to fellowship with each other? How about meet and greet time? Of course you’re allowed to fellowship! We need each other and let’s face it, we really miss connecting. The meet and greet time is something we’ll just have to put on the shelf for the time being!

10. Are you going to cancel mid-week services? During Phase 1 we will continue with our current online strategy with no on-campus services. Phase 2 in July will see a return of all on-campus services.
Written by: Pastor Aaron Lawrence

Approved by: Pastor Garry Kipe, Pastor Nehemiah Mazariegos, Matt Oliphant, Laura Bulger, Heather Defenderfer, Niki Kauffman, Richard Fogal, Rob Kauffman, Matt Frey, and Chris Beaver.