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Welcome to Bethel!

We understand that going to a new church can be scary. Well, we want you to know that you're only a guest once and then you're family! Here are some things to help you feel at home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? Come as you are! Sometimes people like to wear jeans and a comfortable shirt and other times people like to dress up with a tie or dress. We want you to be comfortable and you'll fit in no matter what you're wearing!

What about my children? We have a great children's program that is full of energy and fun called Velociy kidz! 

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What is parking like? We have two parking lots on both sides of our church that offer handicap spots and VIP guest parking. If this is your first visit, let one of our parking lot helpers and they will direct you to your VIP parking spot! You can also park along the street for free.

Where do I go? The main entrance is located closest to the Benjamin Chambers Elementary side. We would encourage you to go there first. We also have volunteers that can help direct you if you get lost. 


What We Believe

We believe that God has a great call on Bethel to worship as a lifestyle, connect in meaningful relationships, and to reach our local and global community!

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We would love to see you soon!

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