First Steps

First Steps

First Steps happens on the first through fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7pm in Modular 12. No registration is required. Light refreshments and Children's ministry is provided. 

First Steps is our way of connecting you to all that God has for your life, especially here at Bethel. Each session is designed to move you one step in your walk with God. You only have to complete First Steps once, and you can begin the process with any session. 

session 1 | vision of Bethel

Join Pastor Garry and Kelly to learn more about Bethel and what it means to be a member.

session 2 | strengthening your faith

Learn more about our doctrine and what all Christians need in order to find success in their walk with Christ.

session 3 | your divine design

Discover God's design for your life as you connect the dots between your personality, gifts, and passions.

session 4 | making a difference

Transform your church experience as you find your place to serve on our teams.